GridHeritage is a society based on a Constitution. We have around 65 members and many other loyal supporters.

Our voluntary organisation has been lucky enough to obtain generous support from Transpower and many other areas of the electricity industry.

If you have any questions or feedback just email our GridHeritage Executive contacts:

  • Tony Silke -
    • Tony started in the State Hydro Electric Department in 1954 as a pimply faced hydro-electric apprentice in Nelson District. He was probably the worst apprentice that the Department turned out and now hides away the district records that would support this.
    • More about Tony (pdf) (22KB)
  • Richard Donaldson -
    • Richard started his association with NZED (or was it still State Hydro then?) in 1961 as an Engineering Cadet at Canterbury University Engineering School. He graduated with a BE (Electrical) in 1964 and started work in the NZED Christchurch District Office.
    • More about Richard (pdf) (23KB)
  • Brian Howard -
    • Brian gained his Bachelor of Engineering degree at Canterbury University in 1970. During one of his under-graduate summer vacation training jobs he was given a copy of the Report to The President of The United States on the 1965 Northeast Power Blackout.
    • More about Brian (pdf) (26KB)
  • Les Davys -
    • Les joined the State Hydro-electric Department, Hamilton as a Draughting Cadet in 1947, just after the Horahora machines were submerged in Karapiro's waters. Two years there followed by two more as an Engineering Cadet in Head Office lead to Ardmore School of Engineering.
    • More about Les (pdf) (28 KB)
  • Louise Lomas -
    • Lou is the newest and youngest member of the Grid Heritage Executive, only joining the Transmission Line industry this century(!) in 2003 at Electrix in Palmerston North. She is currently a consultant with LineTech Consulting, based in Wellington. She has mainly been involved with transmission line condition assessment and data involved with Transpower assets.

You can also email us at or use our Contact Us form.