We like to keep you up-to-date with new and exciting developments in GridHeritage.
Most of the information on this website changes slowly as we make major updates to the collection. The information in this section is updated more often. We welcome stories and photos that we can add to this section to keep it current and lively.

If you have any stories, gossip or photos to share with us, just drop us a line at gridheritage@transpower.co.nz.



A likely story...
Silke had been walking around like a half-open pocket-knife recently. His story is that he strained his tummy while struggling with the ECNZ collection. Our story is somewhat different. We have it on good authority that he was actually taking a short-cut from his house to the local and didn’t quite make scaling the back fence. Come on Tony, you are a pensioner!

P.S. He has had a hernia operation and is now back to normal. He has also installed a gate in the back fence.

A nice happening...
A really lovely thing happened to GridHeritage recently. We have tried for years to gain publicity for our collection and it has been a slow journey. We believe that many folk have valuable historic equipment and for some reason it doesn’t manage to get to us when they want to dispose of it.

Ian Fraser, an ex-industry person had an assortment of mint condition photos taken by Peter Taylor and was moving home and had no room to keep them. Fortunately Mike O’Brien mentioned that GridHeritage would look after the photos and it was with great pleasure that we collected them from Ian.

GridHeritage is in the business of collecting and protecting artefacts from the electricity industry and we would love to have the first option if you are looking to clear out some of your old gear. Just call us on 04 494 7474.

Comings and Goings

Les Davys
Les is a ‘retired’ ex NZED engineer of many years experience in the industry. Although Les claims to be retired he never seems to be idle, what with helping his family in Marlborough and delving into family history he never seems to slow down. Fortunately for GridHeritage Les is highly computer-literate and has taken to PastPerfect like a duck to water. He has recently added dozens of items to the database and has managed to correctly link all of the photos to the right pieces of equipment, this is no mean task.